Personalization Prioritization Tool

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This tool will help you prioritize your use case strategy and personalization campaigns, so you can effectively manage your roadmap.

Using an ideal “impact to level of effort” ratio determined by you, this template evaluates each personalization campaign you plug in through a set of attributes that will determine its ultimate score. The overall score the campaign receives at the end will tell you its approximate level of importance, which can help you understand the ideas that will be most impactful or useful at this time.

Step 1: Set the parameters

Step 2: Input each personalization use case you are considering:

Use case idea
Level of effort
Experience targeting
Funnel position
Scale of change
Variation allocation
Audience impact estimation

Why is this important?

Personalization can be overwhelming. The endless number of available opportunities often makes the roadmap process difficult for companies, especially ones that have not yet determined which strategies have the biggest impact or which KPIs benefit the most from a personalization-first approach. There may also be limited resources for a personalization program.

The key to a successful roadmap lies in thoughtful prioritization. Your chosen personalization strategies should be data-driven and aligned with what your team can realistically execute. After a decade of advising companies on how to build their personalization programs from the ground up, we’ve developed a set of ground rules and a template that can guide you in this process.

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