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The average add-to-cart rate globally is 6.55%

MoM add-to-cart cart rate breakdown % of items added to cart after product page view(s) by visitors over the past twelve months
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Add-to-cart rate statistics

In June, the add-to-cart rate from Food & Beverage was the highest, at 8.16% – this is a 5.53% drop from May. In general, over the past twelve months, Beauty & Personal Care has seen the highest add-to-cart rates, at 11.5%, and Multi-Brand Retail has seen the lowest, at 1.83%.

Americas has witnessed the most add-to-carts overall (6.71%), followed by EMEA (6.69%), and then APAC (4.03%). And in terms of device type, tablet has been responsible for 7.05% of add-to-carts, with desktop representing 6.61%, and 6.52% from mobile.

Major trends noticed:

Beauty & Personal Care — fell by 62.72% in add-to-cart rate, from 11.54% in May to 6.03% June.

Consumer Goods — fell by 52.37% in add-to-cart rate, from 2.53% in May to 1.48% June.

Fashion, Accessories, and Apparel — fell by 53.31% in add-to-cart rate, from 8.22% in May to 4.76% June.

Food & Beverage — fell by 50.62% in add-to-cart rate, from 13.69% in May to 8.16% June.

Home & Furniture — fell by 56.67% in add-to-cart rate, from 4.28% in May to 2.39% June.

Luxury & Jewelry — fell by 66.15% in add-to-cart rate, from 3.46% in May to 1.74% June.

Multi-Brand Retail — fell by 71.3% in add-to-cart rate, from 2.34% in May to 1.11% June.

Pet Care & Veterinary Services — fell by 54.64% in add-to-cart rate, from 4.73% in May to 2.7% June.

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