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MoM device usage breakdown % of traffic per device over the past twelve months
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Device usage statistics

In December, traffic from mobile drove the largest portion of visitors to eCommerce sites, at 75% – this is a 1% spike from November. In general, over the past twelve months, traffic from mobile made up 70.92% of overall visitors, with 27.08% coming from desktop, and 2% from tablet.

The biggest surge in MoM traffic came in December from Pet Care & Veterinary Services, with 21.99% more visitors. In general, Fashion, Accessories, and Apparel saw the largest increase in traffic, at 0.636% while Pet Care & Veterinary Services saw the steepest decline at 0.009%.

Lastly, mobile drew the largest number of new users at 66%, and mobile generated the highest percentage of returning visitors, at 75%.

Major trends noticed:

Luxury & Jewelry — rose by 13.28% in device usage, from 82,291,216 in November to 94,000,847 in December.

Beauty & Personal Care — fell by 17.72% in device usage, from 33,572,389 in November to 28,107,121 in December.

Pet Care & Veterinary Services — fell by 21.99% in device usage, from 9,306,355 in November to 7,462,848 in December.

Home & Furniture — fell by 17.41% in device usage, from 51,685,228 in November to 43,408,335 in December.

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