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The average units per transaction globally is 2.81

MoM UPT breakdown Average number of products bought per order by visitors over the past six months
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Units per transaction statistics

In December, the units per transaction from Pet Care & Veterinary Services was the highest, at 4.28 – this is a 5.9% drop from November. In general, over the past six months, Food & Beverage has seen the highest units per transaction, at 4.26, and Consumer Goods has seen the lowest, at 2.22.

APAC has witnessed the largest number of units per transaction of average (3.14), followed by Americas (2.92), and then EMEA (2.69). And in terms of device type, desktop has been responsible for 3.12 of UPT, with tablet representing 2.96, and 2.62 from mobile.

Major trends noticed:

Beauty & Personal Care — fell by 14.33% in units per transaction, from 3.14 in November to 2.72 in December.

Fashion, Accessories, and Apparel — fell by 16.39% in units per transaction, from 2.97 in November to 2.52 in December.

Food & Beverage — fell by 12.09% in units per transaction, from 4.56 in November to 4.04 in December.

Multi-Brand Retail — fell by 15.55% in units per transaction, from 3.05 in November to 2.61 in December.

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